Weekly Must-Have: Zelens Active Concealer


I was recently rummaging though my mom’s makeup bag and came across Zelens Active Concealer.  I was familiar with the brand’s skincare, but knew nothing about their cosmetics. Instead of immediately telling me to put it back and swatting my hand away, my mom started singing its praises and saying I needed to buy one, and stat!  Thanks to Net-A-Porter, one landed on my doorstep just two days later and there was instantly no looking back on any other concealer in my arsenal.  This stuff is the real-deal.


This revitalizing product is the epitome of a makeup/skincare hybrid.  While it gives serious coverage, it also improves the appearances of dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines, thanks to a slew of antioxidants, peptides, caffeine, and more.  In fact, it contains fifteen active ingredients.  For comparison, that is more than many of my favorite eye creams.

Before this, I was a diehard Cleu De Peau concealer devotee.  I purchased it time and time again, and swore that it was one of my desert-island, holy-grail products…for life, or so I thought. Here’s the thing though – I always had to mix it with eye cream on the back of my hand before applying.  The formula was too thick and stiff on its own.  With Zelens, I skip this step and get the same coverage that I crave while also treating eye issues.

Redness from allergies, darkness from sleepless nights, puffiness and dehydration from a night of partying stand no chance against this concealer.

Mom for the win.


-Casey Sharbaugh is the blogger behind www.comfortablycasey.com

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